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Become part of the CTF-TV Network family of programs

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

CTF-TV Network is excited about many new programs coming to our Network airing around the world. We currently have the potential to reach 50 million homes with our multi-media platform.

How can I get my show or program on CTF-TV Network?

Actually it is pretty simple and easy to become a host.

  1. You must have show that you upload on Youtube or currently can upload a MP4 to us.

  2. Email us at with a brief note giving us permission to re-broadcast your show on the Network. (If you need a CTF-TV Network form we can send one to you)

  3. Promote our network on your show, Facebook page, Instagram and other platforms.

  4. We will promote your show, add you to the Network of 106+ shows we currently air, and highlight your show on our main page "Daily Programs" which runs 24/7

  5. The rest is up to God as He leads us into the future.

  6. Your now part of the family!!!!!!!

  7. COST$ 0.00 That's right. As we work together, you will see how God will bless your show. We have been operating like this for over 14 years. It works when you give GOD ALL THE GLORY.


You can go to

  • Check out all the hosts

  • Check out our Facebook page @ctftvpg

  • Let us know how we can help?

  • BELOW ARE JUST A FEW OF THE 106+ programs


Your VISION and IDEA can become reality. TODAY--------DON'T WAIT Contact us at

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