Is HE or Isn't HE

(we are producing an animated version first - looking at 2022 to start filming with actors)

A film that not only relates to today's events but will keep you glued as the plot thickens and changes lives.

CONVICTED: Is He or Isn't He is a film that takes James Downs a major playing attorney of a top agency, down a road he never expected. Through his cut-throat tactics, and hard heartedness meets HIM face to face. A sorta love story with a different twist. CONVICTED will leave you changed. For the better.


Every consider auditioning for a movie? We are looking to fill these voice over positions. Further information will be posted here.


Lead Actor - James Downs - Male 40-60yr

Assistant - 20-35yr

New Attorney - Female 35-50yr

Defense Attorney - Howard Scribe - Male 35-50yr

Assistant - 20-35yr

Judge - Judge Hugh Johnson - Male 45-60yr

Court stenographer - 20-35 yr

Court security - 20-35yr

Court Room Jury (8) and Court room stand ins (all ages)

CEO - Al M. Simmons - Male 40-60yr

Board Room - (8 to 10) 30-50 male/female

Friend - John Mast - Male 40-60yr

Defendant 1 - Atler Smith - 25-35yr

Defendant 2 - Corrin Smith - 25-35yr

Jesus/Man in Coffee Shop/Man in wilderness/homeless..

Disciples - (12)  Male 30-40

Nurse - Female 25-35yr

Pastor -30-50yr

Coffee Shop Waitress and (6) 20-30yr 

Jerusalem people -

Person who brings message in court room - Male/Female 25-30

Funeral Parlor - Wife, 2 kids, group of people Female 40 

There will be plenty of extras needed.

All positions are non-pay, but will receive food, etc... during shoots, and acknowledgement in credits and any movie clips with you in a scene, for future portfolio. (If we use your voice for animation, we could record at a distance so you do not have to travel to NJ.)

Filming will start in April/May 2022

for regular movie not animation.

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