Ready...Set...ON THE AIR                    

We will be sharing a daily news blog and information to let others know what is going on at CTFTV

Coming in December CTFTV News will be airing live each day in our new News Room Studio.  Stay tuned for CHrist Centered News Today. To be apart of the production, news and media team or just volunteer, email us at

COMING in Jamuary 2019 Mornings with PEZ "CCNewsToday" 

1/1/19 We want to bless you as we travel together in this new year of 2019.  We will continue to blog information and share live as we continue to work through our new location setup and studio.  Looking forward to bringing you positive news that will build and encourage the Body of Christ. WATCH for our NEW TRUCK CCNEWS TODAY around the south jersey area.

12/14/18  We are very excited to launch our new network on CTF-TV called CCNews Today. Starting in January Pastor Eric Zeidler along with the staff at CTFTV will bring good news, imprtant updates in South Jersey and on locations to bring Christ Jesus to the World. Stay tuned.


Today was a day of watching God open a door. CTFTV just purchased a 2000 F100 Truck which was used for animal control, but is going to be transformed to house, operate and bring news, live events and much more to you.  Thanks for all the prayers, and donations to make this happen. God is good.

11/8/2018  We traveled to Philadelphia and Camden NJ for our monthly outreach to minister, feed, and share the Gospel and we had a great night. Many on the street.  Comfort was given, and many prayers for help, deliverence and healing. God is good. Thanks to all who volunteer.

11/15/2018  Our production truck is going into the shop for a overhaul.  In two weeks we start the transformation.  Next week Nov. 18-23 please pray as we travel to Rhode Island and Mass. for a Thanksgiving filming and Writing. We will be going live (here at throughout the week, experiencing the Pilgrims first thanksgiving day.  Stay tune

11/18-23  CTFTV had the opportunity to visit Nepwort RI, and Boston Mass. during the week and was blessed to film, and participate at the Seamen Church Institute to help feed over 100+ people for thanksgiving.